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Tri kvadrata - Books

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9 books total.
Teatral'naja periodika v Rossii : doklady vos'mych Meždunarodnych naucnych ctenij "Teatral'naja kniga meždu prošlym i budušcim. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2009. 318 S. ISBN 978-5-94607-129-1
EUR 29,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Lur'e, V. M.
Russkoe pravoslavie meždu Kievom i Moskvoj / V. M. Lur'e. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2009. 296 S. ISBN 978-5-94607-112-7
EUR 22,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Immigranty v Moskve. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2009. 272 S. ISBN 978-5-94607-113-0
EUR 24,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Šatskich, A. S.
Kazimir Malevič i obščestvo Supremus / A. S. Šatskich. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2009. 464 S. ISBN 978-5-94607-120-8
EUR 149,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Bibikov, Grigorij
A. Ch. Benkendorf i politika imperatora Nikolaja I / Grigorij Bibikov. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2009. 424 S., Softcover (Novyj muzej). ISBN 978-5-94607-125-3
EUR 20,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Solonenko, V. K.
O knigach, knižnikach i pisatele Vasilii Aksenove / V. K. Solonenko. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2010. 376 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-94607-148-3
EUR 28,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Brumfild, U.
Suzdal': architekturnoe nasledie v fotografijach: Fotoal'bom / U. Brumfild. Moskva: Tri kvadrata, 2009. 104 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-94607-118-5
EUR 25,00 (In stock)
No image. Petr Miturič: Tri kvadrata, 2018. Hardcover ISBN 978-5-94607-215-1
EUR 110,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Marina Višneveckaja
Slovar peremen 2015-2016 / Marina Višneveckaja: Tri kvadrata, 2018. 248 S. ISBN 978-5-94607-230-5
EUR 34,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)