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Junajted Press - Books

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7 books total.
Russia for Beginners. A foreigner's guide. Rossija dlja načinajuščich: gid dlja inostrancev po Rossii. Auf engl.. Moskva: Junajted Press, 2009. 231 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-9900256-6-0
EUR 50,00 (In stock)
Soldatov,Andrej, Borogan, Irina
Novoe dvorjanstvo: Ocerki istorii FSB / Andrej, Borogan, Irina Soldatov. Moskva: Junajted Press, 2011. 298 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-4295-0023-2
EUR 29,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Kutlaki, C.
Sredi Irancev. Putevoditel' po nravam i obycajam samoj zakrytoj strany mira / C. Kutlaki. Moskva: Junajted Press, 2011. 304 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-4295-0025-6
EUR 28,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Bokov, M.
Ja i Duch Prezidenta P. / M. Bokov. Moskva: Junajted Press, 2011. 366 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-4295-0015-7
EUR 28,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
Kornev, V.
Filosofija povsednevnych vešcej / V. Kornev. Moskva: Junajted Press, 2011. 253 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-429500-11-9
EUR 28,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Agassi A.
Otkrovenno. Avtobiografija / Agassi A.. Moskva: Junajted Press, 2014. 246 S. (MIF. ZOŽ). ISBN 978-5-904522-45-2
EUR 31,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Maasc P.
Žestokij mir: Surovyj zakat neftjanoj ėry / Maasc P.. Moskva: Junajted Press. 331 S. (MIF. Krugozor). ISBN 978-5-4295-0032-4
EUR 26,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)